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My version of the FZ-1a is called AMALIA, and I tune it just like my best originals. I don’t get many orders for this circuit: a testament to its sleeper status.

Available in Standard, Focus, and Old Pal construction.

Amalia is available in Standard, Focus, and Old Pal construction.



Once the FZ-1 effect caught on, Maestro followed it up with the FZ-1a. This version operated on just one AA battery, and the circuit was slightly modified to bias up at 1.5v. RCA 2N2613 and 2N2614 transistors replaced the 2N270. 

In my experience, this circuit sounds brighter, crisper, and more aggressive than its predecessor. Some folks find the extreme sounds this effect produces off putting, while others (like me) find inspiration in its distinct voice. I consider the FZ-1a among the more interesting and charismatic distortion effects. While recording in a modern environment, this effect can refresh a session, not unlike ditching a modern, transparent preamp for something older, stranger, and decidedly unmodern.

I am unaware of any great examples of this fuzz in action. reach out if you have any suggestions!

A Standard Series build will feature enclosure, color, parts selection, and circuit construction of my choice.

Amalia fuzzes are made one at a time, completely by hand. Please allow up to ~6-8 weeks for shipment.