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Oh, the Baldwin Burns Buzzaround: perhaps the loudest and most punishing fuzz ever conceived. Blackstrap replicas feature the exact vintage layout hand-wired on NOS phenolic board. 

The Buzzaround rips a distorted tone so searing, so brutally teeth rattling, I figured it only made sense to put it in a box equally menacing and capable of murder; thus, an asymmetrical box is standard.

A word of caution, this fuzz gets loud enough to kill your amp and those wimpy little hairs in your ears.

-Hammond asymmetrical enclosure in hammered finish
-Carefully matched trio of NOS 1960s British germanium transistors
-Davies Bakelite USA knobs
-USA, and UK NOS capacitors
-AB carbon composition resistors
-Carling, Cliff UK hardware
-shielded UK wire
-Solid brass brand plate
-USA heavy-steel battery holster


**This item is built to order. If you desire custom appointments in enclosure, color, components, or features, please email prior to order to work out the details.**

NOTE: Orders currently take 3-4 weeks to fulfill. Thanks for your understanding!

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